Dan Campbell
PDX Farm

PDX Farm is your own backyard CSA.  Our vision is to help people who want to grow vegetables and fruit in their own yard become a reality.  We want you to have as bountiful of a garden as you desire.  We provide a range of options to grow your edible garden through installing and maintaining edible garden beds to DIY consultation and support all the while meeting your budget needs.

Since an early age, I have had my hand in the veggie garden. I grew up in Washington State on Bainbridge Island, and I went to Warren Wilson College in Asheville, North Carolina. There, I worked on the college farm and taught elementary students how to garden. In return, I developed an ever-deepening appreciation for growing my own food.

Since Warren Wilson College, I have been fueled by the desire to live my life as sustainably as possible.  I have worked on organic farms in Thailand and designed and managed a permaculture farm on Bainbridge Island.  I have a Masters of Sustainability Certificate from Portland State University, a Permaculture Design Certificate from Tryon Creek Farm, and I have taken the Master Gardener course from Oregon State University.  Since 2010, I have owned and operated a sustainable landscape maintenance business, Neshamah’s Garden, LLC which has evolved into PDX Farm.