Max Calabro, RYT
Mindfulness Coach and Writer

Max Calabro is a writer and mindfulness coach living in Portland, OR. He is the founder of Office Mindfulness, LLC, which provides meditation and mindfulness services to workplaces in the area.

Drawing on his experience in geophysics research and green building consulting, Max tailors his classes and workshops to address the challenges in the office environment, helping participants feel less stressed, more productive, and more open in their communication styles. By incorporating a decade of yoga and meditation practice, as well as training as a yoga teacher, Max’s mindfulness sessions utilize a secular blend of several contemplative traditions to focus on present-moment awareness, self-observation, and gratitude.

Max is in the process of publishing his first book on mindfulness and personal development, and blogs regularly at He is an avid rock climber, backpacker, traveler, and coffee-drinker. 

For more information about his writing, or to see if mindfulness sessions would be a good fit at your workplace, please feel free to contact Max through his website or directly at